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Jun 12 2012

Beading With Toddlers

Beading with pipe cleaners

Easy Beading for Toddlers

Toddlers benefit from activities that use their fine motor skills and making bracelets and necklaces is fun. However beading with thin wire or string can be frustrating for 3 and 4 year olds. To make it easier for little hands give your 3 or 4 year old a pipe cleaner and a bowl of beads with large holes and watch them thread their own jewellery.

Another great idea is to thread pasta, again to make it easier for small hands cut a straw into a 1 inch long piece, tie your piece of string through the straw and leave a long end. Use the straw like a needle to push through the pasta to help the threading process.

For more kids craft ideas visit out website


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Aug 27 2011

Kids Love Lists! Use Them To Improve Behaviour!

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Our morning routine seem to take forever, I was constantly reminding and pushing my 3 and 5 year old to get dressed, make their beds, pack their bags, brush hair and teeth etc etc.  It was like the same job each morning was a new request and the kids took no initiative to just ‘get ready’.  My son came up with the idea of making a list of all the jobs we have to do in the morning to get ready with a box next to it that I have to tick when the job is done.

We came up with 6 jobs – get dressed, make bed, pyjamas away, toys away, brush teeth, brush hair and left a blank box incase we thought of anything else.  The first day we used the list the kids raced around doing each job on the list and excitedly raced to me to let me know the task had been completed and to get their tick.  It was like a miracle! I didn’t have to tell them what to do and we had spare time to play a game before we had to walk to school!  We now use the list every day and our morning routines are fun, easier and quicker.

Here is a copy of our Morning_routine as an example to get you started if you want to do something similar. My kids just enjoy getting a tick for each job, but you could try using a stamp or stickers.

Visit for more parenting ideas and activities to do with kids.


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Jan 19 2010

Holiday Treasure Box


A holiday treasure box is a great momento of your holiday for your children.  It will keep them occupied and involved in your trip or holiday.  Any sort of box can be used, we found plastic boxes with compartments in them, but a cardboard box could also be used.  Encourage your child to collect ‘treasures’ along your trip such as:

  • beach shells
  • rocks
  • tickets
  • feathers
  • brochures
  • sand

The type of holiday you have will determine the items in the treasure box, but what every your child wants to collect should be encouraged.  He / she can enjoy sorting through their treasures on the trip and then back at home after.

For other fun toddler activies visit baby-patch


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Jan 11 2010

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You better hurry for this great holiday offer, $500 to spend at ToysRUs.  Just click here to get your gift card.  I am not sure how long this offer will be avaliable so you better hurry!  (for US Residents Only)


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Jan 05 2010

Camping With Kids – Don’t Hesitate Just Do It!

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Many of our friends said we were crazy to plan a 3 week camping trip with a 20 month old and 3.5 year old – but we all had a ball.  Driving 5000km around Western Australia was awesome, we camped mainly in caravan parks to give us access to amenities and only ‘bush’ camped for a few nights.  We planned ahead and had lots of activities for the long road trips, some of the things that kept us sane were:

  • A child friendly map of the trip that our 3 year old could place a sticker on each destination once we reached it
  • A bag of small gifts for both children that could be pulled out and given to them to play with in the car (these were rationed to last the whole trip)
  • “tickets” for each long trip, for a 500km trip the kids got 5 tickets stappled together – once we completed 100km they exchanged a ticket for a lolly and could count the number of tickets left giving them a sense of how much longer we had to go.  This worked really well.
  • Lots of music and audio books
  • General car games like ‘Spotto” and 20 questions

Our kids loved sleeping in a tent, once the novelty wore off they went to sleep without a problem and we all managed to have a great trip.


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Mar 21 2009

Hearing Protection for Babies and Children

I have just come accross Monkey Muffs for babies and children. I have never heard of these before but my friend uses them with her daughter and she is a real fan. Monkey muffs protect babies and children’s hearing, they work well to keep your baby asleep when your out and are great for plane trips. They are designed to block out harmful noise levels and sounds but not ambient noises.

Check out


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Feb 13 2009

Free Baby Stuff

Get your free baby samples and coupons by following this link. Choose from free diapers, free formula, free parenting magazines and much more!

For other great offers visit our free baby stuff page!


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Feb 04 2009

Excellent Book on Sibling Rivalry

I have just finished reading “Siblings Without Rivalry How to Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too” By Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish, I can not recommend this book highly enough.

It is a very practical and easy approach to disciplining and dealing with children and gives you hands on advice and ideas of how to bring up your children so that they have the best chance of having a good relationship with eachother. Faber and Mazlish write in an open and approachable manner that does not leave you with unanswered questions but rather tools to deal with the challenges of sibling relationships.

This book is useful for all ages from toddlers, teenages to adults, but if you have the chance to read the book while your children are still young and you apply what you learn then you can really give your children an incredible opportunity to develop a solid relationship from the beginning.

A perfect mothers day gift, gift for mums birthday or for a second or third baby gift.


For more baby gift ideas visit baby-patch

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Dec 01 2008

Baby Photo Contest – Win $25,000

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Calling all cute babies and cute kids! There is only a month to go to enter the 2008 Cute Baby Photo Contest, it is easy to do and your child has the chance to win $25,000 for a College Tuition Fund!

So go for it!

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Nov 29 2008

Automatic Light Stops Toddlers From Waking Early

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If you are sick of being woken by your toddler at 5.30am why not give this a try….

Toddlers can have very good biological clocks and just seem to know when to get up in the morning, but sometimes their biological clock malfunctions and the household finds itself starting the day very early.

Up until 2.5 years Ben slept till 7am every morning, but when his sister, Emily came along he seemed to be getting up earlier and earlier until the norm was just too early for us. So we got a night light and put it on a timer to turn on at 7am. Each night before bed we would tell Ben that in the morning if the light is on he gets up but if the light is off he goes back to sleep.

It took a good couple of months before the message sunk in, lots of explainations, a few mornings of lying with Ben in his bed waiting for the light to come on and lots of praise when he waited for the light to come on. Now Ben gets up at 7am every morning again and the first thing he tells us is ‘my light came on!’.

If you are sick of early mornings why not give it a try and let us know how you go.


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