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Aug 31 2007

Hand Made Birthday Card

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card.JPG It was my birthday last week and Ben made this card for me at his day care – I thought it was worth sharing with you as it is very simply made and very cute.  The 2 hand prints were done by Ben, the rest by the teacher.


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Aug 28 2007

Tragic News – Perth Baby Killed by Pet Dog

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I Just heard the tragic news that a 2 week old Perth baby was killed by her pet dog.  Here is what Radio Australia had to say;   

“Australia’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says the death of a two-week-old girl, mauled by her family’s pet dog in Perth, serves as a reminder to parents to supervise their children around animals.

Our reporter Pamela Medlen says the family had just brought the Siberian husky home after it had been staying with a family member.

The parents were watching television last night while their daughter slept in their bedroom.

Detective Sergeant Jason Beesley says the parents heard a noise and discovered the dog had pulled the baby out if its cot.

“I think there’s about four or five children in the family, I’m not sure who was at home at the time, i know the parents were at home. ”

The baby died in hospital early this morning from head injuries.

The RSPCA’s Maryanne Ellis says it is a reminder to parents to always supervise children around animals.

“No matter how well you think you do know your pets, you just don’t know how they’re going to react in every situation. “”

Makes you think…….


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Aug 28 2007

Cousin comes to stay

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cousincuddle.JPGLast week my sister and nephew came to stay for a week.  The boys are 7 months apart and they had a ball together.  It was great for Ben to have an older cousin to play will, show how things worked and to copy what he does and says.  We even got some cute pictures of them cuddling.  Ben also seemed to enjoy having someone to share baths with and having his cousin around helped with his bath phobia.


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Aug 26 2007

Bath Time Getting Better

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We have tried all sorts of different things to get Ben to enjoy the bath again.  The one that has seemed to work is Chris or I announce that we are having a shower.  We get ready for the shower and just happen to take off Ben’s nappy at the same time.  Then we start the shower and 100% of the time Ben wants to come in too, during the shower we put the plug in the bath and Ben happily plays in the bath even long after we have got out of the shower.  We also find that is we call it a shower, rather than a bath Ben is more likely to go willingly……


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Aug 13 2007

Bath Phobia

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Ben use to love bath time, he would happily spend half an hour playing in the bath enjoying himself.  Last week he was petrified to enter the bath, if we actually managed to get him in the bath after a minute he became paniced and screamed to get out.  We hardly had time to wash him properly.   So this has gone on for a week or so, we have tried showers but he does not go willingly.  I know it is a stage that many toddler go through but we need more ideas of what to try…….


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Aug 11 2007

How to get your 18 month old to like brushing teeth

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From 12 months Ben use to have fun with a tooth brush – he did not like us brushing his teeth but he was content to play with it in his mouth for a few minutes.  But for the last few months Ben has run away when ever we mention brushing teeth.  I noticed that his teeth were not looking great so decided we needed to do something.  In the supermarket I let Ben choose a new toothbrush.  Then we started to put a small amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush and Ben started to enjoy brushing his teeth alot more.  He has not worked out how to not swallow the toothpaste yet, but it is such a small amount I am not to worried and at least i get to brush his teeth.  We have also just got a non-slip stool so that he can reach the bathroom basin which makes the whole experience alot more exciting!


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Aug 09 2007

Curried Sausages

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This is a great Aussie favorite.  Here is what you need (making enough for 2 adults and a toddler):

  • 1 onion
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1tsp curry powder
  • 500ml water
  • 1tbsp gravox
  • 1tbsp tomato sauce
  • Chopped red and green capsicum, carrots and any other vegetable you like
  • 8 sausages, beef or chicken (cut into 1 inch lengths)

And here is how you do it

  1. Fry onion, garlic and curry powder for few minutes
  2. add water, gravox and tomato sauce, bring to boil
  3. add vegetables and cook for few minutes
  4. add sausages  and simmer for 1 hour
  5. serve with rice and enjoy!!!

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Aug 07 2007

Gumnut Finger Puppets


Around Perth there are many, many eucalyptus trees with large gumnuts on them.  In most parks you find the ground covered in gumnuts.  Ben loves to collect them.  One day I put one on my finger and it was the perfect fit for a finger puppet.  So we collected a few, stuck some eyes on them and now we have instant finger puppets!!!  I thought about drawing a mouth on them but I think they look cute without one…. 

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Aug 05 2007

Farm House DIY Project – Part 5


The farm house is pretty much finished, we have furniture a couple of animals – but we need a lot more.  We painted some wooden tulips and stuck them onto the outside of the house to add a little bit of colour.  Ben have been loving playing with it, feeding the animals, giving them baths and putting them to bed.  The last thing to do is make a couple of ladders to let the animals travel from floor to floor.  I think Ben got a lot out of  watching and being part of making this toy and he enjoyed that process as much as he enjoys playing with the farm house.

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Aug 03 2007

Keepsake Box – Unique Baby Gift Idea

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A unique and useful gift to give a baby or toddler is a personalised Keepsake Box.   This can be as creative or basic as you like. 

Buy a large nice-looking storage box (big enough to fit a newspaper flat).  Put the child’s name on it and decorate as much or as little as you want.  Here are a few decoration ideas:

  1. Stick on wooden letters to spell the child’s name
  2. Cover the box in newspaper from the day the baby was born, cover again in plastic or contact
  3. Cover the box in photos of the baby and his/her family, cover again in plastic or contact
  4. Stick stickers all over the box
  5. Paint the box in a simple design

You can include a number of things in the box, but mainly the box is for the parents to continually add keepsakes of the childs life.  Buy the newspaper on the day the child was born and put that in the box.  If you can find a protective cover for it, that would be ideal as it will fade.

Give the gift, perhaps with a list of ideas for what the parents may want to keep for the child, such as:

  1. Newborn photo
  2. Hospital tags
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Cards from friends/family
  5. First edition stamps/coins that come out in the year of the child’s birth
  6. Hair clippings from first hair cut
  7. First baby tooth that falls out
  8. First paintings
  9. Nice reports from day care or school
  10. Certificates

And as they get older, there will be special things that they may want to keep, now they have somewhere to put them!

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