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Sep 29 2007

Creating a Photo Album

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I have researched many websites to find the perfect way to print digital photos in a photo album.  So far I have made 2 photo albums and everyone who has a look at them wants to know which company we made it with – as the quality is so good. is the site, currently only delivers within Australia. 

What you get is more of a hard cover bound professional book rather than a traditional photo album.  The difference is that it is your smiling face on the cover!  You download the free software and create your own album, using as many photos and pages as you want.  You can add in backgrounds, text and there are many frames to choose from to make your album more creative.  Email the file off (and spend a bit of money) and you will receive a beautiful, bound, photo book to keep forever! 

I am currently working on my 2006 book, where every page has a photo of Ben…..

Check out the site, I figure if you are going to take thousands of digital photos, what is the point of having them on your computer only, people appreciate the photos so much more if they are in a book format.


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Sep 26 2007

20 Month Old Can Hold a Tune

Ben seems to be able to hold a tune!  He sings ‘twinkle twinkle’ and ‘Baa baa black sheep’ to himself and can pretty much sing the whole song, keeping to the rhythm and pitch.  He knows some of the lyrics but mainly sings along with ‘la la’.  Of course he never sings on demand and if anyone joins in he promptly stops.

For more info on the importance of music for babies visit


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Sep 23 2007

Great Gift for the Boy Who Loves Fire Trucks!

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Fire Truck Deluxe

I was searching on the web and found this is a great fire truck that any boy 2 – 5 years old would love!  It is a pedal truck and was inspired by the original 1940’s fire trucks.  Check out this truck and other cars here. This site only ships to US markets, let me know if you live in another part of the world and I will find a truck that can come directly to you!


for more great gift ideas visit

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Sep 16 2007

A solution to toddlers who always want to be in on the action

stool.jpg Ben does not like missing out on things, especially in the kitchen.  He is to short to look over the bench and use to get extremely frustrated when I was cooking as he could not see what was happening.  He always wanted to come ‘up’ to have a look at what I was doing, this is pretty hard when you are trying to cook, wash up etc.  And being pregnant I am trying to reduce the amount I lift Ben.  So, while browsing in Ikea the other day I came across this stool and for a huge $10 decided to try it – and it has changed everything, making time in the kitchen pleasurable rather than stressful.  Ben stands on his stool on one side of the bench watching all the action while I am on the other doing what ever I need to do.  Sometimes I get him involved in the cooking process or he just stands there and nibbles.  I have to be careful to keep all sharp things away etc, but this is a small thing to do if it means I do not have a toddler at my feet whining ‘up, up’.  The stool is great in the bathroom too for reaching the basin to wash hands or brush teeth etc.

Ben loves carrying his stool from room to room, it is almost half his height so he looks funny carrying such a large object.  If he sees Chris or I doing something and he wants to get involved, instead of crying and demanding to be picked up he yells out ‘stool, stool’ and goes to find the stool and bring it to where we are.


For more baby gift ideas visit

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Sep 13 2007

New Addition to the Family – a Juicer!

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I have procrastinated about getting juicer for a long time now…. the other day I was visiting a local organic market and saw the juicer that was made for us!  Not only does it juice but it also minces meat and has a make your own sausage attachment.  And making sausages has been the other item on our agenda for a long time.  So we bit the bullet and purchased it and have been enjoying yummy juice everyday – pink grapefruit and apple is my favorite so far.  This week we are attempting to make some sausages – will let you know how it goes.  Ben has been very excited about our new addition to the family and everytime he sees or hears it he garbles on about ‘juicer, juicer’……


for more food ideas and recipes for toddlers visit

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Sep 10 2007

Favorite Music of the Month – Aladdin Soundtrack

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aladdin.jpg Over the last month we have been playing Disney’s Aladdin Soundtrack over and over again.  We have especially found it useful during nappy changes to keep Ben distracted.  Chris and I love the music, it is great to sing along to and make up actions to.  Some music is great to dance to, other pieces are just great to sing along to.  Due to the constant playing, Ben has memorised a few of the lyrics of the songs, he likes to sing the first word of each verse, especially in ‘A Whole New World’. 

The soundtrack to Aladdin would be a great gift for a newborn or one year old (or older) or just a great collection for the family.

for more great baby and toddler gift ideas visit


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Sep 07 2007

Review of the Baby Shower Kit

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babyshower.jpg  When I planned my first Baby Shower I had never been to one before and had no idea what I was expected to do.  I scoured the internet for ideas, free games, decoration ideas and themes but most of what I came across was tacky and very average.  I ended up making up my own games and muddled through the rest of the planning.  I wish I had the Baby Shower Kit then to give me an overview of what to do, guide me through the process and give me quality, great ideas.


The Baby Shower Kit is great for people planning a small intimate baby shower or a large gathering.  It is a comprehensive kit that is useful for all levels of budget and different tastes. 

The Baby Shower Kit has many theme ideas to inspire creative thought.  Many themes are suitable for girl’s only showers as well as many for Co-ed Showers. 

If you are nervous about planning a baby shower, this kit will give you the confidence you need to plan and execute a fabulous baby shower for your friend or relative. 

The author of the Baby Shower Kit has thought of everything, so you do not need to.  You will not even need to look in a cookbook as the kit includes many appropriate recipes that are easy and yummy.  My favorite recipe in the collection is the ‘smoked salmon canapés’ – they are so yummy, look elegant and so easy to make. 

If you are planning to have games at your baby shower, the Baby Shower Kit has a great range of games from the crazy and outrageous to the relaxed and mature.  You will definitely find a few games in this list that suites the temperament of your guests and the atmosphere you are trying to create.  My favorite game in the kit is ‘name the baby food’ – I played this at a baby shower recently and discovered that I would not feed my baby some brands of baby food…..  while others would be a nice desert for adults!    

The Baby Shower Kit makes planning a baby shower easy and fun and takes all the hassle out of it.  I definitely recommend the Baby Shower Kit as an essential guide to planning your next baby shower.

Download your Baby Shower Kit here!

For more info on baby showers visit


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Sep 05 2007

Final Touches to DIY Farm House

ladder.JPGfinishedhouse.JPG We have finally made the last bit of the farm house – 2 ladders for the animals to get from floor to floor.  These were made with dowelling and small bits of wood.  All we need now is a few more animals for the farm house, at the moment we are keeping it simple with just a horse, chicken and cow, along with bits and pieces from other toys.


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Sep 02 2007

Pregnant with number 2!

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Ben will soon have a new brother or sister in early 2008.  I am 15 weeks pregnant and feeling well except for the fatigue.  The age difference will be 25 months, which is exactly the same difference in age between me and my sister – and we always got on well, so I am hoping the same will be true with these two.


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