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Nov 28 2007

Digital Baby Book – Great Gift Idea

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I have tried to keep a diary and record all of Ben’s milestones, funny incidents and cute moments but I must say it is updated infrequently and I have forgotten to include so many things….  I found this great software – Growing Tales, it is a fantastic idea in this digital era, it is a baby book that organizes photos, milestones, and important records for all your children in one place.

It is an easy way to keep up with it all:
– Pregnancy journal
– Baby book
– Organize photos, video & audio memories
– Print and email to share with friends and family
– Health records, school years, milestones and much, much more (even for adoptions, twins and triplets)

It is a great gift idea for yourself or someone about to have a baby!  Follow this link to get 20% off if you buy it now!


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Nov 25 2007

Secret Restaurant Recipes Your Toddler Will Love

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Some toddlers and kids love home cooking and will eat almost anything, while others are pretty fussy.  Most kids love American Restaurant Food – so what if you had the secret recipes for these dishes and were able to make them at home?  I have found this very popular e-book where a Master Chef reveals the secret recipes for many of America’s favorite dishes. Now you can impress your family & friends with these unique recipes.  You can have the recipes that everyone
loves but nobody knows how to make including:

* KFC Original Recipe Chicken
* Boston Market Meatloaf
* Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce
* Olive Garden Lasagna
* Junior’s NY Cheesecake (As seen on TV)
* And over 200 more famous secret recipes!

Discover the ingredient combinations and spices that make these foods taste so good.

Makes a great gift.  Get immediate access to this downloadable cookbook Click Here Right Now!

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Nov 22 2007

Kids Party Ideas

Ben’s Birthday is coming up in January and I have started to think about some sort of party.  I think as a 2 year old he will be pretty happy with what ever we do – lots of friends, family and a big train cake should do the trick.  I have heard that once kids get a little older they look for something different, and parents want to do something original.  It can be quite costly to hire an entertainer, jumping castle or take a group of kids to some party venue.  I have found some great ideas that you can learn and do yourself to create a unique and fun atmosphere at a party that will not cost you much at all.  Check out the article at that includes information on – face painting,   scavenger hunts and balloon art!


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Nov 19 2007

Make Your Own Personalized Onesie

onsie.jpgA great gift to make with your toddler or to make on your own and give to a newborn are Personalized Onesies.  You can use fabric paint, embroider a message onto a piece of baby clothing or use an iron on transfer.  Think of a funny slogan that is personal to you and the parents of the baby.  Look in baby shops and at markets for slogan ideas, the more personal you can make it the better.  This is also a great idea for mothers day or fathers day.  Think about how much mum would love to wake up and see her baby wearing a top that is covered in finger paining and says ‘I love my mum’ or something similar. If you need a little help with this, there is a great program ‘Make Your Own Onesies’, which you can download.  It gives you heaps of examples of Iron on transfers and shows you step by step how to make these unique and fun gifts!

For more creative ideas of hand made baby gifts visit see ya


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Nov 17 2007

Hours of Fun Pretending to be a Shop Keeper

Ben is now 22 months and when we go to the park the first piece of equipment he wants to play with is the ‘shop’.  Most parks in our area have a little counter under the slippery dip that can be used as a make-believe shop.  Over the last few months I have encouraged Ben to be ‘the shopkeeper’, I ask him for a range of goods and he somehow finds them in the ‘shop’ and i pay him pretend money.  He loves the game – and so do other kids.  The other day we were at the park playing our ‘pretend shop’ and several other kids a few years older also wanted to play, so they linned up and asked Ben for different goods to buy and all had a great time!

It just goes to show that you do not need to buy an expensive toy shop, but with a little imagination you can make it all up and have just as much fun.


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Nov 14 2007

Favorite CD of the Month – Putumayo Animal Playground

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putamya.jpg We all love this CD, it is designed for kids but is easy to listen to if you like world music.  Our favorite track is ‘5 Monkeys’ – it is pretty fun to sing along to (Chris and I are a little more enthusiastic than Ben most of the time with this song).  Check out the website: I think pretty much all of their music is great, and an awesome gift for any aged kid!


For more info about the importance of music for kids go to

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Nov 07 2007

Flies Attracted to Dirty Nappy….

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It is coming into summer now and the flies are out in full force, normally they hover around Ben’s face and he gets very frustrated trying to shoo them all away.  But the other day we were at the local park and I noticed that heaps of flies were surrounding Ben, particularily swarming around his nappy.  When I smelt him, I realised the reason they were attracted….  another kid in the park said “why are all those flies here????” he quickly worked it out and slid down the slide in lightening speed.  At least the flies stop hovering around our faces….


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