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Dec 13 2007

Negotiations with a Toddler….

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It is amusing negotiating with a toddler, especially one whose language is really good but comprehension not so good….  Ben loves it when we read books to him and he often tries to negotiate how many books we will read to him.  I often say, go and choose 3 books and I will read them to you, Ben turns around, looks earnestly into my eyes and pleads ‘2 books’, thinking he is negotiating more books.  I usually reply with an ‘ok’ and we end up reading 3 books – it is a win /win situation!


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Dec 05 2007

Are You Ready to Start Potty Training???

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Ben is nearly 2 years old and I am pretty sick of diapers….  we recently thought about potty training, I got enthusiastic about it but then did a bit of research and found that the experts advised against trying to do potty training with a new baby on the way.  So we will wait another 6 months or so.  

Have you thought about toilet training?  If your son or daughter is between 18 months and 4 years it could be time to give it a go. 

If you want a great resource to help you through this trying time have a look at the ‘Secret Blueprint to Potty Training Your Toddler in 1 – 3 Days’ for a limited time you can get several bonuses including beautiful wall charts for boys and girls to aid in the potty training experience when you get this resource.  The most invaluable part of ‘Secret Blueprint to Potty Training’ is that you will be provided with contact details of a potty training consultant who you can ask questions to and she can help along the way if you have any difficulties! 

So if you want to get rid of diapers once and for all click here and learn how to potty train your toddler in a couple of days!

Good luck, and if you do give it a go I would be very interested to hear feedback about how you went.



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Dec 02 2007

3D Gift Boxes – Impress Your Friends!

Impress your friends next time you give a gift by presenting it in a 3D gift box.  I found this site that has the most incredible 3D gift boxes that you can make, they are suitable for any size gift and for all ages and are truly unique and original.  These would be a very impressive at a Baby Shower!  You can download a step by step guide of how to make these amazing gift boxes in minutes.  Click here to see examples.

For more creative gift ideas visit

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