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May 22 2008

Wombat Stew

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Ben is 27 months and has started to get a little more picky about food.  He use to eat anything I put in front of him, now he picks at food and only when he is really hungry does he eat anything.  I have been making a beef stew with vegetables and barley, lately he has not been eating it.  The other day I made exactly the same stew as always but called it Wombat Stew and he ate the lot! 

Just goes to show that a bit of creative marketing can be effective.


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May 15 2008

Newborn Gets Whacked on the Head with a Carrot

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Ben loves to get my attention by hitting Emily on the head or lying on her heavily when she is in her bouncy chair.  I have started to try and reduce my reaction to this behaviour in an effort to not reinforce it, but this is pretty hard when you are in constant fear that your son is going to hurt your baby.  The other day we were in the car, (Ben had shopped the day before with Chris and drove home eating a carrot which he had left half on the back seat) Ben found his carrot from the day before and proceeded to wave it around in the air.  He then whacked it firmly on Emily’s head and I lost it!  I need to become quicker and a little more creative when reacting to these situations.

Luckily there is not permanent carrot indent on Emily’s head…..


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