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Jun 28 2008

Baby Foot Painting

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foot-painting.jpg A fun activity to do with your baby is foot painting. It is easy to do and in years to come you will be so glad that you did it as you remember how tiny your son or daughters feet were as a baby. A few of my friends got together the other day and had lots of fun painting our babies feet. Hands are a little more difficult to do so I recommend sticking with feet only.

All you do is get some non-toxic paint, paint your babies foot (one at a time) – a good tip is to leave the instep free of paint so that the print looks a little more elegant. Get some nice paper and place your babies painted foot on the paper, it helps if someone else can press the toes down while you hold the baby.

The prints make great cards for grandparents, put one in your baby book and dont forget to frame one.

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Jun 06 2008

Gifts for a Second Chid

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It is often hard to think of a good gift for a second or third child. Most families have a range of toys, lots of clothes and all the practical items they need. If the second child is a different sex to the first the obvious gift would be clothes. Other ideas include;

* Anything personalized with the babies name, date of birth etc
* Name labels for clothes, drink bottles, lunch boxes
* A special teddy bear
* Clothes
* New towel
* New cot sheets
* Own plate & cup set

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