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Jul 25 2008

Toilet Training Tip

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Ben enjoys sitting on the toilet and since we have started the tranisition from nappies he tends to take his time. I am sure he likes the attention, loves having books read to him and sometimes it just takes time! I was getting stressed as while I was in the bathroom with Ben, Emily (5 months old) would be happy for a few minutes on her playmat in the lounge, but would then start crying, I would bring her in but have no where to put her down once Ben needed help.

So I started using our second diaper change table mat on the floor of the bathroom. Emily is happy lying on this while I read to Ben and get him organised, I have my hands free and she is part of the action! The mat is waterproof and soft. So everyone wins!

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Jul 22 2008

Free Thank you cards or invitations

Sending out a photo of your baby printed as a postcard is a great idea for announcing the arrival of your baby, sending thank you cards to relatives and friends or inviting people to a party. I have found this great offer where you can receive 100 postcard prints free – just click above and give it a try!

Let me know how you go!


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Jul 22 2008

New Bed Sheets – Perfect Gift for a 2 Year Old

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Somewhere between 2 and 3 years most children transfer from sleeping in a cot to sleeping in a bed. This is an exciting time for the toddler and parents. Purchasing sheets, blankets, pillows, quilts and mattress protectors are all extra expenses. If you are looking for a practical gift for a 2 year old a nice set of bed set would be most welcomed. A 2 year old is still young enough to not worry if his / her birthday present is looked at and then stored away for a few months. And the parents will have one less thing to worry about when transitoning to a bed!

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Jul 16 2008

Cooking with Toddlers – GingerBread Man

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flour1.jpg Ben loves to help with the cooking. He has been nagging me to make Gingerbread Men for weeks now. Today was a rainy day so I decided to give him what he wanted and together we made gingerbread men, well actually they were gingerbread teddies as we do not have a gingerbread man cut out.


I think they ended up looking quite cute. Ben got pretty messy but we had a fun time and the teddies tasted great

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Jul 09 2008

Potty – Great Gift for a 2 Year Old


From 18 months to 3 years most children start toilet training. Finding a ‘seat’ that your little one likes to sit on can be a challenge – the choice is a small potty, large throne type potty (see picture) or a small seat for a normal toilet. I personally like the throne type of potty as it is easy for the child to get on and off themselves and easy for the parents to clean as it has a lift out inner section.

If you are looking for a gift for a 2 year old, find out if they have a potty or not and which the parents would prefer. The child will be very excited to receive his/her own potty and when they are ready can start to us it. Just think, everytime junior sits on the potty they can think of you! You could also include some stickers or other rewards which the child gets when they have been successful at using the potty.

If you want a great resource to help you through toilet training have a look at the ‘Secret Blueprint to Potty Training Your Toddler in 1 – 3 Days’ for a limited time you can get several bonuses including beautiful wall charts for boys and girls to aid in the potty training experience when you get this resource.


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