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Nov 29 2008

Automatic Light Stops Toddlers From Waking Early

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If you are sick of being woken by your toddler at 5.30am why not give this a try….

Toddlers can have very good biological clocks and just seem to know when to get up in the morning, but sometimes their biological clock malfunctions and the household finds itself starting the day very early.

Up until 2.5 years Ben slept till 7am every morning, but when his sister, Emily came along he seemed to be getting up earlier and earlier until the norm was just too early for us. So we got a night light and put it on a timer to turn on at 7am. Each night before bed we would tell Ben that in the morning if the light is on he gets up but if the light is off he goes back to sleep.

It took a good couple of months before the message sunk in, lots of explainations, a few mornings of lying with Ben in his bed waiting for the light to come on and lots of praise when he waited for the light to come on. Now Ben gets up at 7am every morning again and the first thing he tells us is ‘my light came on!’.

If you are sick of early mornings why not give it a try and let us know how you go.


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Nov 25 2008

$100 Free Gift Card for you from The Children’s Place!

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A gift for you in time for the festive season (USA residents only). I am sure you will be able to use it!

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Nov 23 2008

First Baby Sign!

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I taught Baby Sign Language to Ben when he was younger and it worked so well that we are now teaching Emily to sign. I have been teaching Baby Sign Language to Emily for about 5 weeks now and at age 9 month she has started doing the sign for milk!

As it was with Ben, it is amazing to communicate at this level with a 9 month old! If you have a young baby I encourage you to find out more about Baby Sign Language and try it for yourself, it is so easy teach and so rewarding! For more information check out this great site – Signing For Babies

As you can see from the picture, Emily loves her rockmelon!

Jen Hart

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Nov 20 2008

Benefits of Vegetable Gardens for Toddlers

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It is almost indescribable the pleasure Ben gets from our vegetable garden. When ever I am thinking about what to do next a simple visit to the garden to see if any of the tomatoes have turned red, or to see if the cucumbers have flowered or how far the beans have climbed fills in the time.

Ben is learning so much about how plants grow, he is able to see day by day the changes and developments in the garden – the flowers, the fruit and the caterpillars. He helps with the watering, planting, weeding and his favourite job is picking the ripe vegetable and eating it! The best thing is that he looks forward to eating the vegetables and they are so fresh and healthy for him. It also makes us spend more time outside being active in the garden.

I have to thank Chris as he has put in so much work to make the garden productive and we can all now enjoy the fruits of his labour. If you have the space and the time to set up a veggie garden, even a few pot plants it is so worthwhile and will add a whole new aspect to your toddlers life.

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Jen Hart

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Nov 17 2008

Toy Box Keeps 9 Month Old Amused

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I had forgotten how exciting odds and ends are to babies! Emily, my 9 month old is now crawling and exploring everything she can get her hands on. I have found that I can keep her in one spot by giving her a box full of odds and ends eg a tea set, odd toys or plastic kitchen utensils. She will spend quite awhile in one spot rummaging through the box and taking everything out of it. This gives me a bit of time to do other things!


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