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Aug 27 2011

Kids Love Lists! Use Them To Improve Behaviour!

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Our morning routine seem to take forever, I was constantly reminding and pushing my 3 and 5 year old to get dressed, make their beds, pack their bags, brush hair and teeth etc etc.  It was like the same job each morning was a new request and the kids took no initiative to just ‘get ready’.  My son came up with the idea of making a list of all the jobs we have to do in the morning to get ready with a box next to it that I have to tick when the job is done.

We came up with 6 jobs – get dressed, make bed, pyjamas away, toys away, brush teeth, brush hair and left a blank box incase we thought of anything else.  The first day we used the list the kids raced around doing each job on the list and excitedly raced to me to let me know the task had been completed and to get their tick.  It was like a miracle! I didn’t have to tell them what to do and we had spare time to play a game before we had to walk to school!  We now use the list every day and our morning routines are fun, easier and quicker.

Here is a copy of our Morning_routine as an example to get you started if you want to do something similar. My kids just enjoy getting a tick for each job, but you could try using a stamp or stickers.

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Aug 20 2011

Flower Press Craft For Kids

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Flower Press Craft for Kids

Have you tried pressing flowers with your kids yet?  My daughter and I had a great time picking flowers to press, she enjoyed laying them out between two bits of paper and squashing them within a large book.  We then piled up several books on top of the one containing the flowers and waited…  4 weeks later we got creative and made cards and book marks with the flowers we pressed.

The gift card pictured here was made by gluing petals onto a piece of card board to look like a flower – it was simple, fun and a useful gift tag.  To make the bookmark we stuck the flowers onto a long piece of card board and then covered the whole thing in clear contact.  You can also use the pressed flowers in a collage or picture.  For more craft ideas for kids take a look at our craft for kids section of


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Aug 11 2011

Wax Resistant Painting For Kids

Wax Resistant Crayon and Paint Picture

If you are looking for a fun and creative activity to do with your toddler give this a go.  You will need crayons, paper and paint.  Get your child to colour the whole piece of paper in different colours of crayons.  Make sure he or she covers the whole piece of paper in colour.  Then get paint, use black if you want a space / night scene or any other colour if you just want to have fun and make a design.  Cover the whole paper again in the paint.  You can then wait for the paint to dry and then scratch off the paint with a blunt pencil or if your toddler can not wait, use a blunt instrument (or your fingers) to take off some of the paint and make a design.  If your child makes a mistake they can repaint the paper and make a new design!  For other creative ideas to do with kids look at Kids craft activities at


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Aug 03 2011

Fruit Kebabs a Healthy Afternoon Snack for Kids

My son came home the other day and was very excited about making fruit kebabs.  He had read a book at school about making fruit kebabs and wanted to try it for himself.  So we cut up a few pieces of fruit, the kids chose what they wanted to put on and threaded them onto a skewer themselves and then enjoyed eating them!  It was a fun activity and a healthy afternoon snack!  For more yummy and healthy recipes for kids visit our kids recipe page at   Below is a photo of my 3 year old daughter with the fruit kebab she made.

Fruit kebabs kids snack



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