Aug 03 2011

Fruit Kebabs a Healthy Afternoon Snack for Kids

My son came home the other day and was very excited about making fruit kebabs.  He had read a book at school about making fruit kebabs and wanted to try it for himself.  So we cut up a few pieces of fruit, the kids chose what they wanted to put on and threaded them onto a skewer themselves and then enjoyed eating them!  It was a fun activity and a healthy afternoon snack!  For more yummy and healthy recipes for kids visit our kids recipe page at   Below is a photo of my 3 year old daughter with the fruit kebab she made.

Fruit kebabs kids snack



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Dec 26 2010

Frankfurts and Baked Beans – Easy Holiday Meal

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We all loved this meal while camping and also enjoy it at home, it is easy and quick.  All you need is:

  • Frankfurts
  • 2 tins baked beans
  • 1 Onion
  • 2 tomatos
  1. dice onions and tomatos, slice frankfurts
  2. fry onions
  3. add tomatos
  4. add frankfurts
  5. stir in baked beans
  6. enjoy!

Hope you enjoy this recipe!


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Jan 19 2010

Holiday Treasure Box


A holiday treasure box is a great momento of your holiday for your children.  It will keep them occupied and involved in your trip or holiday.  Any sort of box can be used, we found plastic boxes with compartments in them, but a cardboard box could also be used.  Encourage your child to collect ‘treasures’ along your trip such as:

  • beach shells
  • rocks
  • tickets
  • feathers
  • brochures
  • sand

The type of holiday you have will determine the items in the treasure box, but what every your child wants to collect should be encouraged.  He / she can enjoy sorting through their treasures on the trip and then back at home after.

For other fun toddler activies visit baby-patch


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Jan 11 2010

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You better hurry for this great holiday offer, $500 to spend at ToysRUs.  Just click here to get your gift card.  I am not sure how long this offer will be avaliable so you better hurry!  (for US Residents Only)


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Jan 05 2010

Camping With Kids – Don’t Hesitate Just Do It!

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Many of our friends said we were crazy to plan a 3 week camping trip with a 20 month old and 3.5 year old – but we all had a ball.  Driving 5000km around Western Australia was awesome, we camped mainly in caravan parks to give us access to amenities and only ‘bush’ camped for a few nights.  We planned ahead and had lots of activities for the long road trips, some of the things that kept us sane were:

  • A child friendly map of the trip that our 3 year old could place a sticker on each destination once we reached it
  • A bag of small gifts for both children that could be pulled out and given to them to play with in the car (these were rationed to last the whole trip)
  • “tickets” for each long trip, for a 500km trip the kids got 5 tickets stappled together – once we completed 100km they exchanged a ticket for a lolly and could count the number of tickets left giving them a sense of how much longer we had to go.  This worked really well.
  • Lots of music and audio books
  • General car games like ‘Spotto” and 20 questions

Our kids loved sleeping in a tent, once the novelty wore off they went to sleep without a problem and we all managed to have a great trip.


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Apr 14 2009

Open Your Own Online Kids Store!

Published by under Work at Home Ideas

If you are looking to make an income from home via an online business you definately need to check this one out! There are NO SETUP FEES – you get immediate access to your own online store, complete with popular kids products in a variety of categories. Some of the products include the popular brand Cars and Nintendo Wii.

All you do is follow the step by step marketing guide supplied in the kit to begin getting customers to your store. The suppliers warehouse and ship everything for you – so your house does not become a toy store! To easy!

Click Here to get full details and your free start up kit ($1.97 postage) to see if this business is the one for you. For US Residents only.

Let me know how you go!


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Mar 21 2009

Hearing Protection for Babies and Children

I have just come accross Monkey Muffs for babies and children. I have never heard of these before but my friend uses them with her daughter and she is a real fan. Monkey muffs protect babies and children’s hearing, they work well to keep your baby asleep when your out and are great for plane trips. They are designed to block out harmful noise levels and sounds but not ambient noises.

Check out


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Mar 17 2009

Nachos for Kids

Published by under Toddler Recipes

If you want to serve up nachos for your toddler or child but he or she does not like food to spicy this is the recipe for you.

What you need
– Corn Chips
– Grated cheese
– Can of baked beans
– Avocado
– Tomato
– Cucumber
– Sour cream

What you Do
– In an over proof dish put a layer of corn chips, followed by a sprinkle of cheese, followed by half the baked beans. Now add another layer of corn chips, followed by the rest of the baked beans followed by cheese.
– Bake in the oven for 5 – 10 mins until cheese melts
– Meanwhile, cut up the avocado, tomato and cucumber to make a small salad
– Serve nachos topped with salad and sour cream.

For other great recipes for toddlers and kids visit baby-patch


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Mar 11 2009

12 Month Old Communicates 12 Baby Signs

Published by under Baby Sign Language

I can not recommend Baby Sign Language highly enough. I have been teaching Emily Baby Sign Language since she was about 9 months old, it is extremely easy to teach. At 10 months she learnt the sign for milk and it was incredible to communicate with her at such a young age. But it was really between 11 and 12 months that Emily’s signing really took off, at this age babies seem to absorb so much and learn so quickly. Once she comprehended that actions could communicate what she wanted she seemed to want to learn more and more signs.

Now at 12 months she has a vocabulary of 12 signs, some of which she also says the word (or the beginning of the word). Her signs include More, Milk, Eat, Sleep, Diaper, Ball, Dog, Finish, Drink, Duck, Bath and Head. These words have helped so much, if Emily is crying and clinging and I do not know what is wrong I ask her to show me with her hands and she will show me that she wants to eat or needs her diaper changed.

The best thing is that any baby can be taught baby sign language, it is simple and easy. It does take a bit of persistence on the part of the parent at the beginning, but once your child gets his or hers first sign all that effort is worth it 10 fold.

You can download an ebook for Baby Sign Language and start signing with your baby now!

For more information on Baby Sign Language visit Baby-Patch

See ya


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Mar 03 2009

1st Birthday Secret Santa

Published by under Great Baby Gifts Ideas

After I gave birth to Emily I hooked up with a group of mums with babies born at the same time as Emily. We have met every week and have been a great support for each other. All the babies are now turning 1 so there are celebrations everywhere!

We came up with a great idea for 1st birthday gifts. Instead of each of us buying something for all 10 other 1 year olds we followed the tradition of Secret Santa / Chris Kringle and were given the name of one other child to buy a gift for. This has been great because as each birthday happens the birthday boy or girl gets a lovely gift from ‘the group’ and individual mums do not feel the pressure to be constantly buying gifts.

For other 1st birthday gift ideas visit baby-patch


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