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Jan 05 2010

Camping With Kids – Don’t Hesitate Just Do It!

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Many of our friends said we were crazy to plan a 3 week camping trip with a 20 month old and 3.5 year old – but we all had a ball.  Driving 5000km around Western Australia was awesome, we camped mainly in caravan parks to give us access to amenities and only ‘bush’ camped for a few nights.  We planned ahead and had lots of activities for the long road trips, some of the things that kept us sane were:

  • A child friendly map of the trip that our 3 year old could place a sticker on each destination once we reached it
  • A bag of small gifts for both children that could be pulled out and given to them to play with in the car (these were rationed to last the whole trip)
  • “tickets” for each long trip, for a 500km trip the kids got 5 tickets stappled together – once we completed 100km they exchanged a ticket for a lolly and could count the number of tickets left giving them a sense of how much longer we had to go.  This worked really well.
  • Lots of music and audio books
  • General car games like ‘Spotto” and 20 questions

Our kids loved sleeping in a tent, once the novelty wore off they went to sleep without a problem and we all managed to have a great trip.


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