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Aug 20 2011

Flower Press Craft For Kids

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Flower Press Craft for Kids

Have you tried pressing flowers with your kids yet?  My daughter and I had a great time picking flowers to press, she enjoyed laying them out between two bits of paper and squashing them within a large book.  We then piled up several books on top of the one containing the flowers and waited…  4 weeks later we got creative and made cards and book marks with the flowers we pressed.

The gift card pictured here was made by gluing petals onto a piece of card board to look like a flower – it was simple, fun and a useful gift tag.  To make the bookmark we stuck the flowers onto a long piece of card board and then covered the whole thing in clear contact.  You can also use the pressed flowers in a collage or picture.  For more craft ideas for kids take a look at our craft for kids section of Baby-Patch.com


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Aug 03 2011

Fruit Kebabs a Healthy Afternoon Snack for Kids

My son came home the other day and was very excited about making fruit kebabs.  He had read a book at school about making fruit kebabs and wanted to try it for himself.  So we cut up a few pieces of fruit, the kids chose what they wanted to put on and threaded them onto a skewer themselves and then enjoyed eating them!  It was a fun activity and a healthy afternoon snack!  For more yummy and healthy recipes for kids visit our kids recipe page at Baby-Patch.com   Below is a photo of my 3 year old daughter with the fruit kebab she made.

Fruit kebabs kids snack



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Feb 18 2009

Egg Heads Get a Hair Cut

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Well Ben has given our egg heads a hair cut, he seems to take about 20 minutes every morning grooming the egg heads, trimming their hair and spraying them with water. I has been a great activity to do with him.


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Feb 16 2009

Hairy Egg Heads

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Well Ben has been watering our egg heads and we think they look great! The wheat grass just keeps growing and growing. They are a bit thin on top and a bit smudged but our pirate and clown are the topic of many conversations and we are enjoying them. We are planning on giving them a hair cut tomorrow…..


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Feb 10 2009

Growing Egg Heads

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I was looking through my craft book to find something creative I could do with Ben and came across some very neat and pretty eggheads. As you can see from the photo, ours are far from neat and pretty but they were fun to make and hopefully we will grow some hair on them!

Ben wanted me to draw a clown and a pirate, so I attempted, I cant even blame him for the poor artwork….

So if you are feeling creative with your toddler give this a go, all you need is a few eggs, cotton wool, alfalfa or quick-growing seeds and felt tipped pens or paint (preferably water proof).

1. Hard boil your eggs, carefully cut the top off the egg and remove the egg from shell.
2. Decorate the shells with faces
3. Fill the empty shell with cotton wool
4. Sprinkle seeds on top of cotton wool and moisten well
5. Cover with a small amount of moistened cotton wool and put in egg cups near the window moisten cotton wool daily

My mistake was using non waterproof pens and it is pretty hard to draw faces on egg shells!!!

Ben has been good at watering the egg heads and hopefully the hair will grow soon. I will let you know how it goes.


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